The Grenadines. Follow in the Footsteps of the Pirates of the Caribbean!

If it was not for the Pirates of the Caribbean, the little country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines would most likely have been left in the slipstream of more popular Caribbean destinations. This chain of small islands belong to the southeast Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles first won the hearts of the crew who were searching for suitable locations for the first part of the famous film series. Then it attracted millions of filmgoers. And no wonder, because it is mainly the yachters who find a true paradise in this part of the world!

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If you want to get as much as possible from your stay in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, you should rent a yacht. It is much easier and more comfortable that arranging for transport from one island to another on site. Moreover, you will be your own boss and only you will decide when and where to go. Just in case, we have prepared a few tips for you :-)


St. Vincent: Explore the Local Wilderness 

By far the largest area of the country is taken by St. Vincent. If you had visited other Caribbean islands before, St. Vincent might surprise you. The whole archipelago is of volcanic origin and it is exactly St. Vincent where you can find the volcano La Soufrière which is still active and which has significantly affected the scenery of the island. If you set out for a walk, you will feel like in a kind of Jurassic park. The wild valleys frame steep hillsides and thanks to the nearby volcano the site looks much rougher and is less touristy than the other Caribbean localities. In some places you may feel like a true adventurer exploring new areas where no man has gone before.  And then there is the city of Kingstown or Wallilabou Bay which appeared in the film series as the pirates’ favorite Port Royal.

St. Vincent

It was St. Vincent Island whose fame is most attributable the swashbuckler film series


Sail from One Island to Another!

Besides St. Vincent there are the Grenadines that are made up of a chain of 32 small coral islands scattered in the crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea. About 50 % of these islands are inhabited. All islands are adorned with powder-white sand beaches that have been the hallmark of holidays in the Caribbean for years. The inhabited islands have well-organized ports, spas and restaurants, the uninhabited ones feature small bays, secluded beaches and underwater caves. One of the most wonderful places for snorkeling and diving is a small archipelago called the Tobago Cays. Five rather small islands surrounded with a lagoon create a marine sanctuary that is full of diverse sea life, including, among others, sharks. In addition, the local beaches are home to several kinds of turtles! 

Tobago Cays

The lagoon surrounding Tobago Cays offers ideal conditions for snorkeling


An amazing destination for divers is Mayreau Island (Apart from barracudas or sharks, divers can discover the wreck of the Purini battleship on the sea bottom.). At Lagoon Beach on private Mustique Island you can practice yoga (Lessons have to be booked through the Cotton House boutique hotel.) or listen to jazz in Basil’s Bar while watching a sunset. If you dock your yacht at Canouan Island, Union Island, Palm Island or Happy Island, you cannot go wrong!


Beaches on Mayreau Island are simply wonderful


Bequia, an Island to Chill Out

This island should be a must on your list of destinations. The moment you sail into Admiralty Bay, which happens to be one of the most wonderful natural ports in the Caribbean, you will be enchanted with a view of dozens of yachts and steep, green slopes surrounding the seashore. After you dock your yacht, you can set out for one of the local renowned beaches or to stop in one of numerous restaurants – the Gingerbread offers delicious ice-cream of nutmeg and Mac’s Pizzeria serves perhaps a little exotic pizza with lobster. If you want to learn what else this magical island has in store for you, read our article Are you craving a quiet holiday? The Caribbean island of Bequia is the perfect place for you!


You should not miss Bequia Island during your cruise


We recommend renting a ship either on Grenada Island or on Martinique and set off for an astonishing one way cruise. During your voyage you can stop at another wonderful site – St. Lucia Island. We will be happy to help you choose the right ship!



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