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  2. Depending on how many people are in your group, how much you want to spend and what your plans are during your voyage. You may want to enjoy yachting, exploring coastal towns and villages or mainly want snorkelling and sunbathing. You can easily make a basic pre-selection on our website and after you feel you have made the right choice please do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be very happy to explain the benefits of individual yachts together with you to make sure you have made the right choice and found the yacht that suits your needs.

  4. The catamaran is much more stable with two hulls and the boat is less inclined to lean. It also has a more spacious salon and cockpit, guests have more privacy (cabins are usually situated at the corners of the ship and are separated by corridors) and clients can also use the trampoline between the floats. Catamarans generally have larger fuel tanks, they are quicker due to a shallower dive when submerged in the water. Catamarans are much easier to dock in shallow waters as opposed to yachts that find it more difficult to anchor. Because of the two hulls they are practically unsinkable and therefore extremely safe. The one disadvantage is that catamarans usually have a higher rental price. A single hull yacht is more versatile than a catamaran and allows a more sporty type cruise. Also its operating costs and anchoring fees tend to be lower. The disadvantages of yachts compared to catamarans is mainly less space in the salon or on the cockpit and of course it is expected that yachts tend to lean more on a sporty type voyage (which is by no means a prerequisite), which may not suit everybody, especially if you have a weak stomach and sometimes the lean on a yacht can be dangerous for small children.

  6. Sailing on a sailing boat is less expensive, especially on longer journeys, because you will save a significant amount of money on fuel due to sails (such a cruise is of course also greener). Not to mention the high sporting experience! Control and operation of a motorboat is easier and does not require as much knowledge or experience and in addition to a motorboat or catamaran you can travel a longer distance per day (if your goal is to explore as many places as possible). Unlike a sailing boat a motorboat does not lean and manoeuvres better in a marina and is usually much more luxurious and better equipped.

  7. No problem. Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you. Together we will do our best to find a boat that is suitable and ideal for you.

  8. For many ships, especially in the Mediterranean, rentals are actually fixed for one week. In the Caribbean the situation is more flexible. If you are unable to meet the fixed deadline of one week or two weeks, simply contact us and we will try and find a better solution together.

  9. Simply click on “I want to book”, email us or telephone us. Our staff will contact you promptly. The more information you give us, the better we can help you choose a suitable vessel. Be sure to include the dates of your potential voyage, your chosen destination, the type of vessel you would prefer, how many people will be sharing the vessel and what type of budget you have available. In fact any information that you feel is relevant.

  10. The sooner, the better. If hesitating, your dream boat can be already fully booked. It is well recommended to make boat reservation 4 to 5 weeks ahead.

  11. We can often accommodate clients who decide on a last minute holiday, but we cannot give you a one hundred percent guarantee. For example specific needs, specific locations, specific vessels, but we will do our up most to accommodate your last minute plans in the best possible way we can.

  12. Our company will provide you with cruises virtually anywhere in the world. If you are not clear about where you would like to go, then read our blog where you will find lots of inspirational articles about the world's most beautiful destinations. Of course, if you are still not sure, then contact our staff who will be happy to help you to choose the location of your dreams.

  13. This again depends on the selected destination. In Europe the seasons start early in the spring and end in late autumn, but you can go to the Seychelles at almost any time. Again you can find practical tips by reading our blog or contact our staff who will be happy to assist you further.

  14. As soon as the boat reservation is made, you must pay 50 % deposit. The remaining 50 % of the payment, all extra fees, fuel fee will be paid upon your arrival day. Deposit and remaining payments are possible to pay cash, via bank transfer or by credit card.

  15. What is included in the rental price varies with vessel to vessel. On our website you will find detailed information on each and every vessel explaining additional charges. In general the rental price includes a professional skipper service, free drinks and refreshments, towels, cleaning and water sports equipment. What is not included is usually fuel, anchorage fees, entry to national parks, various excursions on land, insurance, hostess' services (optional) and refundable deposits covering possible damage caused by the users. Our staff will be happy to explain in detail any potential extra charges you may occur.

  16. Our staff will give you an estimation of the cost of fuel based on our long standing experience of sailing with different vessels to various destinations. We will give you an indication in advance to explain how much expenditure you will need to cover your fuel cost. So before you leave we will give you a pretty accurate estimation of how much the fuel will cost for the complete holiday. Then you pay for the fuel you have consumed on your return.

  17. Each ship consumes different amounts of fuel. Our staff will provide you with information on the consumption of the vessel you have chosen. This will give you a preliminary indication of how much fuel you will have to pay for on your return.

  18. It depends again on the destination, where you are going to and what you have planed. Again if you have any questions, please contact our staff who will be willing to assist you.

  19. We will be happy to help you organise this part of the trip. If you don't want to plan this part of the trip yourself, our colleagues from Umbrella Holiday partners will be happy to provide you with flight tickets and organise the transfer to the marina on our comfortable yacht bus.

  20. Yes, you can. We strongly recommend it. All our boats are absolutely children friendly.

  21. The rental price includes a limited amount of water, soft drinks, wine and beer. If you would like to extend this offer, do not hesitate to contact us!

  22. Of course you can. We just recommend that you discuss with our staff in advance what and how much you will take with you. Maybe we can help you with some of your choices.

  23. Apart from sunbathing, swimming and visiting the various harbours we have equipment for a wide range of water sports on board. Our experienced captains know their routes very well and will be happy to advise you on what activities are worth doing on land or sea.

  24. Yes, it is a possibility, but please discuss this option in advance with our staff. This way we can avoid disappointment before departure.

  25. Most of the boats we hire are with a captain. However, there are following exceptions: catamarans the Moorings 514 and Leopard 48, sailing boats the Bavaria Cruiser 56 and the Dufour 560 Grand Large, all of which you can rent without our captain. Of course the condition is that someone in your group has a valid captain's license for that particular type of vessel. For some ships the captain's services are in the rental price, but some boats do not offer this option. You will find everything in the details of every yacht, where it is precisely described what is included in the rental price and what is not. On request a hostess can also be available on most yachts (the hostess' services are already included in the rental price of some of the boats). The professional crew will take care of all your travelling needs, refreshments and cleaning during your voyage, so you only have to concentrate on enjoying your vacation.