Are you craving a quiet holiday? The Caribbean island of Bequia is the perfect place for you!

The untouched, half-forgotten island with beautiful nature is the ideal destination for travelers who prefer an idyllic holiday in a relaxed pace. On the island of Bequia, rather than crowded resorts, you will enjoy unspoiled nature, towns with original Caribbean atmosphere and beautiful beaches.

Team Umbrella Yacht   |   28. 6. 2019

Unspoiled, sleepy, with a small town charm. Or a place where you can soak up the original Caribbean atmosphere. The island of Bequia, which belongs to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is visited by most yachtsmen who depart from Martinique or from Grenada. And most of them remember this island for a very long time. There is 5000 islanders who are definitely not in a hurry and know how to enjoy their lives. One of the reasons for a quiet pace is the fact that the island is dependent on supplies from Barbados and St. Lucia, which does not always work, and so the local people learned long ago to stop trying to control everything and just let their life go. And this is exactly what tourists learn from them too.


Dou you like to slow down while on holiday? Bequia is the perfect place for you!


The biggest attraction? Secluded beaches

Beautiful, secluded beaches are the biggest attraction of the island. Even if you visit Bequia right in the middle of the season, the beaches are not crowded at all – only few people will keep you company there. On the west side of the island you will find the beautiful Princess Margaret beach, named after the British princess, who stopped on the island in the fifties. The turquoise waters of the Caribbean are washing sandy coastline lined with palm groves. Equally beautiful, although a little more vivid is the beach in Lower Bay. Quite attractive is also a long strip of sand in Friendship Bay on the other side of the island or a bit wilder but protected beach in Industry Bay.

And once you have enough of lying down on a heated sand and you want to explore the underwater world for change, direct your yacht to Tobago Cays. A tiny archipelago which is the part of Saint Vincent and Grenadines, comprises of five smaller uninhabited islands lined with a lagoon. You will find a marine reserve there with ideal conditions for scuba diving and snorkeling. During your dives you will be accompanied by turtles as the islands serve as their nesting place. And beaches are of course magnificent too.


The island of Bequia is renowned for its beautiful beaches


Drink with a harbor view

Do not miss the visit of the capital Port Elizabeth. It is located in Admiralty Bay, where you can find one of the most beautiful natural marinas in the Caribbean. As you sail into it, you will have a breathtaking view of steep, verdant slopes, descending to crystal blue waters with dozens of sailing yachts. In Port Elizabeth, definitely go and see the markets or take a walk along the waterfront called the Belmont Walkway, where the best bars and restaurants are concentrated. We would for example recommend you L’Auberge des Grenadines, which offers an excellent combination of French and West Indian cuisine, or Frangipani.

And if on this island, which directly seduces to do nothing, you want to move a bit, take a trip to Mount Peggy, the highest peak of the island. Locals enjoy picnicking there at the sunset. If you have some sport lovers in your expedition, they can take a jungle path to descend from the top to Lower Bay. In La Pompe, a small village on the east coast, you will also find a museum that reveals the famous past of the island – the islanders made their living by boat building and whale fishing.


Admiralty Bay is one of the most beautiful natural ports in the Caribbean



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