Do you want to enjoy Croatia to the max? Set off for a cruise from Trogir to Dubrovnik!

You already know that we consider Croatia to be one of the most beautiful yacht vacation destinations. Today, we want to show you that the country can also offer you a countless number of truly interesting one way cruises. The cruise we have singled out for you starts in Trogir (or Primosten, if you choose this option) and ends in the historic town of Dubrovnik. What you can look for during the cruise?

Team Umbrella Yacht   |   24. 2. 2020

A one way cruise is an ideal opportunity how to come to know your destination and discover as much of it as you can during a single vacation. Why did we choose Trogir to be the set off point this time? The reason is that it is the anchorage ground for our favourite yacht Umbrella Victoria! Of course, apart from it, you can also rent any of the ships we offer in Croatia. During the journey from Trogir to Dubrovnik, you will cover about 120 – 140 nautical miles. If you set off from Primosten, you have to add about 25 miles to the travelled distance. They all will be the miles during which you can expect plenty of charming sites waiting for you. They will perhaps completely transform the way you see this beautiful country.


Šolta Island

This island is a true yachting paradise! Not many “terrestrial” tourist arrive to the island, and so ship lovers clearly prevail here. On Šolta, you can enjoy the tranquillity that is otherwise rare on the Croatian mainland. You will find charming bays and beautiful pebble beaches here. And we definitely recommend you to take a walk on land as well, the nature is fantastic here. You can drop anchor in Maslinica in the west of the island and spend an evening walking along the harbour, and then round off the evening with a dinner in some of the restaurants (don’t forget to order local wine). Before leaving Šolta, you can also explore the six uninhabited small islands situated within a short distance from Maslinica.


If you like peaceful places, be sure to make a stop on Šolta


Brač Island

Why not making the neighbouring island of Brač your next stop? The island is best known for the Zlatni Rat beach (or the Golden Horn in English), which can be found in nearly all lists of the most beautiful beaches of the world. The combination of the clear blue sea and fine white gravel shaped as a horn is really photogenic, and therefore also frequently visited. If you prefer more peaceful places, sail across to the Lovrecina bay. Its beach is no less beautiful, but it is usually not so crowded. The best harbour can be found in the town of Milna, which is also surrounded by several bays with sand or pebble beaches, for example Lučice, Osibova or Maslinova.


The Zlatni Rat beach is one of the symbols of Brač


Hvar Town

Not far away from Brač is situated the island of Hvar. Its capital of the same name is our next tip for you. The local harbour is often inaccessible for anchoring. However, you can use for example the marina of Palmižana and go to Hvar by a water taxi. The town of Hvar itself is a historical gem that definitely deserves your attention. Be sure to visit the Španjola fort, from which there is a fabulous view of the town and also of the Pakleni islands nearby. By the way, you can also visit them. However, the island of Hvar is surely worth being paid more attention. Among other sites, you will also find here mysterious caves with emerald-turquoise waters, in which you can swim, or the village of Sveta Nedelja with a gorgeous beach. And if you have enough time, the island of Sveti Klement with beaches where you can take a great swim is situated just around the town of Hvar.


Hvar is one of the most beautiful historical towns in whole Croatia


Pelješac Peninsula

Did you run out of wine on board? You are lucky that the peninsula of Pelješac is on your way! It is here where the best Croatian red wines are born – Dingač, Postup, Plavac and the Prošek dessert wine. You can buy wines to replenish your stock when walking around the island. We recommend to combine wine tasting in local cellars with local cuisine degustation. Of course, you will also find beautiful beaches here. One of them is situated for example between the little towns of Orebić and Viganj in the south of the peninsula. Viganj is also a renowned location for windsurfing and kiting!


The best red wines are born in the peninsula of Pelješac


Korčula Town

You can sail from Orebić across to the opposite Korčula, specifically to its third largest town of Korčula. Its historical centre is concentrated on a small elevated peninsula and surrounded with stone walls resembles Dubrovnik in all kinds of aspects. While on Pelješac, we could replenish our stock of red wine, on Korčula, we can add mellow white wines to them. And also olive oil and lavender souvenirs.


Korčula is another of the many architectural gems


Mljet Island

Mljet is the greenest of the Croatian islands – 72% of its area are covered with forests. You will find the most precious natural sceneries on the north-west point of the island, where a national park is located. We recommend you to drop anchor in the harbours of Polače or Pomena and go for a trip there. You will find fabulous caves in the park (for example Movriča or Odysseus cave), but first of all the Large and Small Lake. These originally karst valleys on the territory of the national park were gradually inundated with the sea water flowing in the valleys through the Soline Strait. In addition, the small St. Mary’s Island is situated on the Large Lake, where you can visit the Benedictine monastery from the 12th century and a small church consecrated to Virgin Mary.

Marked paths will take you from Polač and Pomena to the lakes. The other paths will take you along the lakeside or to the vantage point of Montokuc, from which there is a gorgeous view of the national park and the neighbouring Pelješac and Korčula. As regards swimming, you will find beautiful sandy beaches for example in the surroundings of the small village of Babino Polje or to the south-east of the Saplunara village.


Mljet, the greenest Croatian island


You can set off for your one way cruise from Trogir to Dubrovnik for example on the board of the Umbrella Victoria luxury power catamaran. Of course, you can also make a pick from other yachts and ships. Depending on your wishes and as your schedule allows, we will be glad to recommend you a specific route.

Umbrella Victoria

One of the ships you can rent is Umbrella Victoria

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